Rebel Forces Mini Comic
Mariah almeida rfno4sample

Cover and sample pages from RF #4 mini

Mariah almeida rfno3sample

Sample Pages from RF#3 mini

Mariah almeida rf24hrcomic

Cover and Samples from 24 Hr Comic "The Fields of Random"

Mariah almeida rfprevis

Previsualization using 3D assets for RF #4, with side by side of final art

Mariah almeida rfcharcetrrdesignspot

Character turnarounds and spot illustration for Blue Line Pro trading card

Mariah almeida rfexploration

Explorations/turnarounds/poses for spot illustrations

Mariah almeida rfjasonspot illustrations

Spot Illustrations

Rebel Forces Mini Comic

Assets produced for development or production for a series of mini comics under the RogueStudio Comics label.

More artwork
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